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Article: The L'Evoine Terry Blanket - the iconic sweat blanket with additional functions

L'Evoine Terry Blanket Abschwitzdecke aus reiner Baumwolle

The L'Evoine Terry Blanket - the iconic sweat blanket with additional functions

100% cotton terrycloth is a versatile material that performs multiple functions and offers great benefits as a sweat rug for horses. We've compiled a few general characteristics about cotton terry cloth:

Functions of cotton terrycloth

Cotton terry is known for its excellent absorbency. The intertwined fibers of the natural fabric create a textured surface that efficiently absorbs moisture, making it suitable for use as a sweat rug. The natural material is particularly soft and gentle on the horse's skin, providing comfort and reducing the risk of friction or irritation. Cotton is generally a breathable material that allows good air circulation and prevents overheating, which is an advantage when using terrycloth as a sweat rug.

Towel production:

Terry cloth is made using a weaving process. As a rule, two sets of warp threads and an additional weft thread are used. The additional weft thread creates loops on one or both sides of the fabric, which gives the terry cloth its characteristic structure. The cotton terry that L'Evoine uses for the terry blankets is made entirely in Germany, from the weaving to the color and finishing.

Treatment and washing of terry cloth:

Terry cloth can be treated similarly to other cotton fabrics. It is generally machine washable with warm or cold water. It is advisable to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer or on the label. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners as these can affect the absorbency and overall quality of the fabric. The L'Evoine sweat rugs can even be washed at 60 degrees, so that all stains are really removed from the stable.

Advantages of terry cloth as a sweat blanket for horses:

  1. Absorbency: Terrycloth's exceptional absorbency helps wick moisture away from the horse's body, making it an effective sweat rug for cooling or drying after exercise.
  2. Breathability: The cotton terry allows good air circulation, which promotes ventilation and prevents overheating during use.
  3. Softness and comfort: The soft nature of terry cloth offers comfort to the horse and reduces the risk of skin irritation or discomfort.

Why cotton terry cloth is better than a polyester blanket for sweating:

  1. Natural Fiber: 100% cotton terry is a natural fiber while polyester is a synthetic material. Cotton is generally more breathable and offers better moisture management compared to polyester.
  2. Absorption capacity: Terrycloth made of cotton is particularly absorbent and can absorb moisture from the horse's body well. Polyester is a synthetic material and may not have the same absorbency.
  3. Comfort and sensitivity: Cotton terry is softer and is generally better tolerated by horses with sensitive skin than polyester, which can sometimes cause friction or irritation.

Both materials have their merits, but terrycloth, especially when made from 100% cotton, offers natural breathability, excellent absorbency and increased comfort for horses as a sweat rug. These properties make it a preferred choice over polyester blankets when it comes to cooling or drying the horse after exercise.

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