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Article: Horse brushes made of synthetic fibers - a real alternative?

Pferdebürsten aus Holz und Naturfasern

Horse brushes made of synthetic fibers - a real alternative?

Horse brushes with synthetic fibers are particularly impressive due to their durability and longevity. They can withstand frequent use and maintain their shape and performance for a long time. Synthetic brushes are often equipped with special properties, e.g. B. with different bristle lengths, stiffness or textures to meet different grooming needs. They offer versatility in grooming different coat types.

Furthermore, synthetic brushes are generally easy to clean and maintain. They can be washed with water and mild soap and dry quickly. They are often more affordable compared to natural brushes, making them a cost-effective option for horse owners and grooms.

But is the cheaper alternative really the better choice for daily horse care? The robustness and longevity of synthetic horse brushes also has its disadvantages.

Synthetic brushes are stiffer compared to natural brushes, which can be less comfortable for the horse, especially in sensitive areas.
They can also do not disperse the horse's natural oils as well as natural brushes, which can affect the shine and health of the coat. Synthetic horse brushes are typically made from non-renewable resources and may contribute to environmental pollution during manufacture and disposal.

The electrostatic charge of synthetic horse brushes

When the synthetic bristles come into contact with the horse's coat, friction is created that causes a transfer of electrons between the bristles and the hair, creating an electrostatic charge.

Horse brushes with synthetic fibers tend to store more electrons and charge more than natural materials. If the rider touches a horse with a conductive object such as a horse brush, a spark can jump between them, causing an electric shock accompanied by a small flash and a faint noise. Horses can also become electrostatically charged, especially when wearing a blanket in winter.

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