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Nachhaltigkeit 🌍

Nachhaltigkeit im Reitsport

respect and prudence

What does sustainability mean for L'Evoine?

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It includes environmental, social and economic considerations and aims to strike a balance between these three pillars. At L'Evoine, responsible use of resources is the focus of every product development, planning and production. Minimizing waste and recycling leftover leather or alpaca fleece is a matter of course. The overarching goal is always to promote the long-term well-being of people, animals and the environment.

Nachhaltigkeit im Reitsport
Nachhaltigkeit im Reitsport

#1 Green production

Implementation of energy-efficient technologies, reducing water consumption and minimizing waste in day-to-day operations:

  • No use of plastic, neither in production nor in packaging for end customers.
  • Adjustment of the width of fabric and alpaca fleece rolls to 100% use of the material (no waste)
  • Production to order: no excess quantities, no discontinued goods and no production errors
  • climate-neutral production: some of ours Manufactories even meet this criterion

Produktion von Schabracken

#2 Sustainable supply chains

Partnerships with suppliers and providers who pursue similar sustainability goals to ensure the procurement of environmentally friendly materials and products:

  • all production sites are in Germany
  • long-standing relationships with the Raw material suppliers
  • strict quality requirements: the material of the highest quality, maximum durability and sustainability is always selected
  • Payment according to the German minimum wage (or above)
Produktion von Schabracken

#3 Product Design

Development of eco-friendly products that minimize the environmental impact throughout their lifecycle, from sourcing of raw materials to disposal.

  • Durability: Products like the Le Baquet stable bag are made to last a lifetime to keep
  • timeless design: there are no fast-moving trends but timeless classics
  • all products can be combined with each other for years
L'Evoine Unternehmensprofil Nachhaltigkeit

#4 Company culture

A corporate culture geared towards sustainability means taking responsibility. For our employees, for production partners and of course animals and the environment.

  • Sustainable communication: Digital meetings, short distances and local production save resources
  • Compensate for travel: we offset the entire CO2 footprint of necessary business trips by planting trees in Germany
  • Partners worldwide: produce content where models and creators are. The prototypes travel but not the whole team.