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Alpaca fleece belt protectors

OfferCHF 120.00

This alpaca wool belt protector has similar medical properties to a lambskin belt protectorr. However, the wool for the woven fleece is obtained simply by shearing animals, so no leather needs to be processed. Alpaca wool is finer and lighter than sheep's wool and perfect for horses with a sensitive girth. It is anti-static and anti-allergic because it does not contain lanolin (wool fat). In addition, the alpaca fleece girth protector is extremely breathable and thermoregulating, so that the horse sweats less in direct contact.

This girth protector is the perfect choice, especially for horses with inflamed sebaceous glands or irritated skin in the saddle area. The belt saver can be ordered as a short belt or long belt or in a completely individual length and width at no extra charge. Simply let us know the desired dimensions after ordering, stating the order number:

Are you unsure whether the shape of your girth is compatible? Send us quickly and easily pictures or videos of the girth and the problem area in your horse's coat and we will help you as soon as possible! Also available via WhatsApp: 004915112351846.

washable on a wool cycle at 30 degrees
Made in Germany
100% alpaca fleece

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    Alpaca fleece belt protectors OfferCHF 120.00