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Journal de L'Evoine

Mikroplastik in Pferdedecken

The threat of microplastics: understanding the dangers and finding ways to avoid them

In recent years, a hidden threat has emerged in our environment: microplastics. Often invisible to the naked eye, these tiny particles pose a significant threat to animals, humans and the delicate ...

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Pferdebürsten aus Naturmaterialien

Pros and cons of horse brushes made from natural materials

Advantages of horse brushes made from natural materials: Horse brushes made of wood and bristles made of natural materials offer a traditional and authentic grooming experience. They look natural ...

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Alpakawolle Fasern

A comparison of saddle pads made of lambskin and alpaca fleece

Sheepskin saddle pads and pads and alpaca fleece saddle pads and pads are two different ways to improve horse comfort and performance. The following explains the differences between them and their ...

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Eine empfindliche Sattellage beim Pferd

The consequences of a sensitive saddle position

A sensitive saddle position can cause considerable discomfort and pain for the horse. This can lead to behavioral problems, resistance, and a drop in performance when riding or engaging in other a...

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Schabracke aus reiner Baumwolle von L'Evoine

Cotton provides the perfect base for saddle pads

Cotton has numerous advantages that make it a preferred material for saddle pads. We have compiled the most important properties below! Optimized breathability of the saddle pads: Cotton is very br...

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Pferdebürsten aus Holz und Naturfasern

Horse brushes made of synthetic fibers - a real alternative?

Horse brushes with synthetic fibers are particularly impressive due to their durability and longevity. They can withstand frequent use and maintain their shape and performance for a long time. Synt...

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Pferdedecke aus Naturmaterialien, Abschwitzdecke aus Baumwolle

The Hidden Danger: Microplastics in horse blankets and its impact on equine health and the environment

In equestrian sports, horse rugs made of synthetic materials such as polyester and fleece are very popular due to their durability and insulating properties. However, behind their obvious benefits ...

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Made in Germany: Herstellung der Putztasche Le Baquet aus Leder in deutscher Manufaktur

Demystifying "Made in Germany": Understand and implement the requirements

"Made in Germany", "Made in Italy", "Made in France" . Labels of origin convey a feeling of trust and reliability. The actual requirements that must be met for the designation "Made in. " but often...

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Die perfekte Schabracke aus reiner Baumwolle

The perfect saddle pad for the optimal comfort of your horse

Saddle pads play a crucial role in the comfort and well-being of horse and rider. They provide padding, pressure distribution and moisture management while forming a protective barrier between the ...

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Scheuerstellen im Pferdefell in der Sattellage

Chafing marks in the coat - where do they come from and what can be done (preventively) about them?

Fray marks are areas where hair appears chafed, worn, or damaged. But where does chafing in horses come from and what can (preventively) do about it? Causes: Chafing can be caused by a variety of ...

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L'Evoine Terry Blanket Abschwitzdecke aus reiner Baumwolle

The L'Evoine Terry Blanket - the iconic sweat blanket with additional functions

100% cotton terrycloth is a versatile material that performs multiple functions and offers great benefits as a sweat rug for horses. We've compiled a few general characteristics about cotton terry ...

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entzündete Talgdrüsen im Pferdefell

Inflamed sebaceous glands in horses - what to do?

Inflamed sebaceous glands, also known as sebaceous adenitis, can occur in horses and lead to skin problems. We have compiled some information about inflamed sebaceous glands in horses: Appearance:...

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Alpaka Vlies Sattelunterlage Sattelpad Schabracke ähnlich Mattes Lammfellschabracke

Alpaca fleece - the perfect saddle pad for sensitive horses

Alpaca wool and alpaca wool fleece offer numerous advantages for horses and their health when used on the underside of saddle pads and saddle pads: Softness and Comfort: Alpaca wool is incredibly ...

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make a difference

Sustainability in equestrian sport with natural equipment for horses

As a horse lover, it is important to pay attention to sustainability in our equestrian activities. By choosing eco-friendly equestrian accessories such as B. Saddle pads made of pure cotton, natural horse hair, goat hair and natural fibers as well as sweat blankets made of cotton terry cloth, we can ensure the well-being of our horses and the preservation of our planet.

Improved comfort and environmental awareness
Saddle pads play a crucial role when it comes to ensuring the comfort of horse and rider. If you choose pure cotton saddle pads, you not only value the well-being of your horse, you also contribute to sustainability. These eco-friendly saddle pads are made without harmful synthetic materials, reducing the environmental impact of production. They offer excellent breathability, moisture absorption and temperature regulation, thus ensuring a pleasant riding experience for your horse while minimizing the ecological footprint.

Natural grooming brushes: Gentle and sustainable grooming
Caring for the horse is an essential aspect of horse care and promotes a strong bond between rider and horse. Opting for horsehair, goathair and fiber brushes offers numerous benefits. These brushes are not only gentle on your horse's skin and coat, they are also environmentally friendly. Horsehair and goat hair brushes are natural, renewable resources that have minimal impact on the environment. In addition, brushes made from plant fibers offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic bristles. Use these natural brushes to improve your horse's well-being while promoting sustainability.

Sweat rugs: comfortable and environmentally friendly protection
After intensive training sessions or during the cold season, sweat rugs are essential to keep your horse to keep warm and dry. When you choose cotton terry sweat rugs, you ensure both comfort and sustainability. Cotton is a natural, biodegradable material that has less impact on the environment compared to synthetic alternatives. These blankets have excellent moisture wicking properties, absorbing sweat while being breathable. When you choose sweat rugs made of cotton terry cloth, you not only value the comfort of your horse, you also promote sustainability in equestrian sport.