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Article: Why a cotton saddle pad is the perfect choice

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Why a cotton saddle pad is the perfect choice

The natural comfort of cotton saddle pads for the horse

Cotton is a versatile and popular fabric in the textile industry. Their natural properties make them the perfect choice for various applications including saddle pads for horses. This blog post looks at the various advantages of pure cotton and what you should pay attention to when buying cotton saddlecloths and saddle pads.

Cotton as outer material

Cotton is extremely popular as an outer fabric in saddle pads, especially dressage and jumping saddle pads. These cotton saddle pads are not only soft and comfortable for the horse, but also breathable, meaning they absorb and wick away moisture well. This is especially important during training as horses sweat and the saddle pad can help keep the horse dry. But be careful! Many saddle pads are offered as cotton saddle pads, but are lined with polyester fleece on the inside and are not made of cotton on the underside either. If only the outer material is advertised as cotton, this has little benefit for the horse and the contact of the saddle pad on the (sweating) horse's back.

Saddle pads lined with pure cotton fleece

Ideally, the saddle pad, whether dressage saddle pad or jumping saddle pad, should be lined with pure cotton fleece. The natural, shock-absorbing material is used to provide additional comfort and cushioning. It ensures that the pressure is evenly distributed and prevents chafing or pressure points on the horse's back. The natural softness of the cotton makes these saddle pads particularly comfortable for the horse. In addition, pure cotton fleece is extremely good at absorbing moisture and transporting it away from the horse to the top of the saddle pad or saddle pad.

Cotton molleton for maximum absorbency

The underside of a saddle pad is crucial for the absorbency and protection of the horse. This is where cotton molton comes into play. This fabric is not only soft but also extremely absorbent. It helps to absorb and keep sweat and moisture away from the horse's back, increasing the horse's comfort during riding or training. In addition, the underside should be made of undyed cotton to avoid the absorption of dyes or skin irritation caused by dyes. A colored underside of the saddle pad is of no use anyway because you can't see the underside. The only benefit for the saddle pad manufacturer might be that the dirt on a dark saddle pad underside is not as visible. But just because you can't see it, it's still there ;)

The advantages of cotton saddle pads summarized:

  1. Breathable: Cotton allows for good air circulation and helps wick moisture away from the horse's back, which is particularly important in warm weather or during intense training sessions.

  2. Soft and comfortable: The natural softness of cotton makes saddle pads made from this material extremely comfortable for the horse and reduces the risk of friction and pressure points.

  3. Absorbent: Cotton molton on the bottom ensures sweat and moisture are effectively absorbed to keep the horse dry and comfortable.

  4. VERSATILE: Cotton saddle pads are suitable for various disciplines, including dressage and show jumping, and are available in a variety of designs and colors to suit your individual style.

  5. Longevity : Cotton is a very durable and robust material, so the cotton saddle pad has a very long lifespan. If high-quality, lightfast color is used, it will retain its style even after many washes.

Overall, cotton saddle pads are an excellent choice for horse owners who value the comfort and well-being of their horse. They offer a natural, breathable and absorbent option that is ideal for use during riding and training. You should choose a pure cotton saddle pad that sits optimally on the horse thanks to its freedom from the withers and has the right dimensions to avoid pressure and chafing in the saddle and girth position.

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