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Article: Which horse brushes are needed for daily horse care?

Fritz und frodewin Pferdeputzzeug mit Pflegetasche von L'Evoine aus Leder

Which horse brushes are needed for daily horse care?

There are a variety of horse brushes and other utensils that are needed for daily handling of the horse in the stable. Below we explain the essential horse brushes as well as other care products that should not be missing.

Horse brushes

A well-equipped horse grooming bag should contain the following essential horse brushes for daily horse grooming:

  1. Body Brush : The horse body brush has dense bristles and is used to remove coarse dirt, mud and loose hair from the horse's coat. It also helps to loosen the fur and promote blood circulation in the skin. The exclusive brush brush from L'Evoine is made of pure horsehair and also supports the natural re-greasing of the fur, leaving a beautiful, natural and well-groomed shine.

  2. Root brush : This brush has harder bristles than the brush brush and is used to remove coarse dirt (e.g. dried sand from the pasture or paddock). L'Evoine uses pure coconut fibers, which are harder on the inside of the horse brush and slightly softer on the outside. This ensures that the root brush removes every bit of dirt, no matter how coarse or fine.

  3. Mane brush and tail brush : These brushes have long bristles and are used to detangle and smooth the horse's mane and tail. They also help loosen knots and condition hair. Especially when it comes to the tail, you want to pull out as little hair as possible and choosing the right horse brushes is crucial. L'Evoine offers two versions: the boat-shaped soft root brush , which gently untangles long hair thanks to the long, soft natural fibers, and the hedgehog brush , which can loosen even the smallest knots in the mane and tail.

  4. Shine brush : The shine brush, also known as the head brush, gives the fur the final finish and shine. L'Evoine is a pure goat hair brush , which consists of 100% extra long goat hair and is extremely soft. The brush is perfect for an extra cuddle on the horse's sensitive head and for giving the groomed horse's fur an extra dose of shine without the need for mane spray.

  5. Hoof pick : Of course, the hoof pick should not be missing from any horse grooming bag . He often comes with a small brush to remove even finer dirt from the hoof. It would also be advisable to use a separate hoof brush, for example in conjunction with water, to optimally clean the outside of the hoof over a large area of ​​the hoof wall before applying hoof oil or hoof grease.

  6. Care glove : L'Evoine offers a completely new and, above all, animal-friendly alternative to the traditional lambskin care glove: The exclusive and particularly soft care glove made of alpaca fleece not only impresses with its fluffy, soft feel, but can also be easily washed at 30 degrees on the wool cycle.

Grooming tools

In addition to the softer brushes that are used to care for the horse's (dry) coat, you also need a sweat scraper or welding knife, a shearing knife and a mane comb. A mane comb made of stainless metal is recommended here, as it is virtually indestructible and therefore does not need to be replaced, but is also easy to clean. We also recommend high-quality scissors for trimming the mane and tail as well as the pastern hair.

Horse care products

Mane spray, fly spray, detangler, coat shine spray and other special care products suitable for your horse's needs are also part of daily horse care. Of course, it also depends on the time of year and whether the horse is exposed to many insects in the pasture or not.

First aid kit in the riding stable:

A small first aid kit with the most important items such as wound ointment, bandages and scissors for minor injuries belongs in every locker! Products should be checked and replenished regularly.

A well-thought-out grooming bag is a valuable must-have for every horse owner! The Le Baquet grooming bag made of durable leather comes with a 10-year guarantee and stands for durability, protection and a touch of elegance in the riding stable. Equipped with the most important horse brushes and care products, nothing stands in the way of effective and thorough daily horse care that promotes the horse's well-being and maintains a clean and healthy coat!

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