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Zuster Sattelkammer Luxus

Interior & Stable Style

L'Evoine X Zuster Equestrian! Make the dream of a beautiful tack room come true! The concept by Wilhelmina McCarroll, Zuster's design director and enthusiastic dressage rider, impresses with the highest quality materials, classic design and a touch of luxury.
The tack room is the heart of the horse stable - it is not only the space to store saddles, bridles and other riding equipment, but also a space where people gather. Zuster Equestrian offers a collection of storage cabinets for saddles, saddlecloths, bridles and everything a rider needs in beautifully designed cabinets. More about this here . The wall hooks and bridle hooks are available exclusively from L'Evoine.

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Zuster Equestrian Zaumzeug Wandhaken Eichenholz braunLuxus Wandhaken Eichenholz Hermes
Bridle Wall Hooks - Set of 3 Offerab €325,00 EUR
Zuster Equestrian Wandhaken für Zaumzeug in schwarzLuxus Wandhaken mit Leder bezogen in schwarz
Bridle Wall Hooks - Set of 3 Offerab €325,00 EUR
Eichenholz Wandhaken von Zuster Equestrian Zuster Wandhaken geflochtenes Leder in Eichenholz
Zuster Equestrian Wandhaken aus Eichenholz in schwarzRückseite Zuster Wandhaken schwarz Befestigung für die Wand

The style and design of the stable play an important role for riders who value an aesthetic environment. The tack room is a special place that not only serves to store riding equipment, but also reflects one's personal style and passion for equestrian sports. It is also a place where riders come together and invites you to linger.

Luxury tack rooms are a growing trend in the equestrian world. They are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. These tack rooms feature high-quality materials, first-class craftsmanship and thoughtful design. They offer generous storage options for saddles, bridles, blankets and other riding equipment. An elegant and inviting atmosphere is created with carefully selected details such as custom-made cabinets, luxurious upholstery and stylish accessories. Almost every rider sooner or later dreams of having their own 'tack room'. Thanks to Zuster Equestrian, this dream can come true little by little.

A trip to the most beautiful riding stables in the world also reveals insights into the most unique tack rooms and tack rooms. There are many world-renowned riding stables known for their impressive architecture, scenic beauty and high-quality facilities. These riding stables not only offer first-class riding conditions, but also attractive stable buildings and tack rooms. They combine functionality with aesthetic standards and thus create a harmonious environment for horses and riders.

Wood and leather as dominant materials:
When designing a high-quality tack room, wood and leather dominate as materials. Wood gives the tack room a warm and natural atmosphere. It is used for cabinets, shelves and wall coverings and can be customized with various surface treatments. Leather is a luxurious material used for upholstery, seating and accessories. It gives the tack room an elegant and sophisticated look while offering great longevity and durability. Through proper design and selection of high-quality materials, a tack room can become a stylish and functional space that expresses personal style and passion for equestrian sports.