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Sattelpads und Schabracken L'Evoine

Saddle Pads & Half Pads

The optimal fit and skin-friendly natural materials such as cotton and alpaca fleece characterize the saddle pads from L'Evoine. An ergonomic shape and a high withers freedom perfectly fit the shape of the horse's back. Alpaca fleece is the perfect choice for horses with inflamed sebaceous glands, sensitive saddle area or chafing, as the exceedingly soft fiber has been proven to contribute to the healing process. All saddle pads are made in Germany and continuously developed in collaboration with saddlers, physiotherapists and professional riders.

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mattes lammfell schabrackeAlpakavlies Schabracke als Alternative zur mattes schabracke
Dressurpad Lammfellpad SattelpadAlpaka Vlies Pad als Alternative zum Lammfell Pad
Alpaca fleece saddle pad Offer€195,00 EUR
Alpakavlies Schabracke als Alternative zur Mattes Lammfell schabracke blauAlpakavlies Unterseite der Schabracke als Alternative zur mattes schabracke
L'Evoine Dressurschabracke grau Logo, Fischgrat Steppung, Baumwolle, Unterseite aus Baumwoll Molton, Made in Germany, hochwertig, Luxus, Hermes schabrackeCotton saddle pad LA RAIE - dressage
L'Evoine Springschabracke blau cornflower, logo band, Fischgrat steppung, hochwertige schabracke, hermes sattel, hermes schabracke, vielseitigkeitsschabracke, ergonomisch geformte schabracke, hoche widerristfreiheitCotton saddle pad LA RAIE - jumping
L'Evoine Alpakavlies Dressurschabracke, Schabracke aus Leinen, Schabracke aus Baumwolle, Lammfellschabracke, Mattes Lammfellschabracke, Christ lammfellpad, Dressur, Schabracke weit ausgekammert, Schabracke breiter WirbelkanalL'Evoine Alpakavlies Dressurschabracke, Schabracke aus Leinen, Schabracke aus Baumwolle, Lammfellschabracke, Mattes Lammfellschabracke, Christ lammfellpad, Dressur, Schabracke weit ausgekammert, Schabracke breiter Wirbelkanal
Saddle pad LYNN Offer€180,00 EUR
Baumwoll Schabracke L'Evoine MISSONILimited Edition Dressurschabracke

The high-quality saddle pads from L'Evoine are available in the sizes dressage, jumping and Icelandic horse as well as timeless color combinations. The upper material of the saddle pads is always made of cotton and are lined with pure cotton fleece. The underside of all saddle pads is made of undyed cotton molton. All saddle pads have a free spine, so that no pressure is exerted on the spinous processes. The saddle pads in jumping form have stripes to additionally fix them to the saddle during high loads. In general, however, both the saddle pads with alpaca and without, as well as the half pads, are always highly chambered, so that they guarantee a high withers freedom and do not slip.

What makes L'Evoine absolutely unique and a pioneer in sustainable and horse-friendly saddle pads? L'Evoine uses alpaca fleece as an innovative alternative to lambskin saddle pads and lambskin half pads - a patent that makes a small but significant difference!

A lambskin saddle pad is an excellent choice if you are looking for a comprehensive saddle pad. It provides padding and temperature regulation for the entire saddle area and is fitting for dressage, jumping or eventing.
The lambskin saddle pad allows the rider more freedom in choosing a wide variety of saddle blankets or saddle pads. It can be placed specifically under the saddle to minimize pressure points, especially if the horse has sensitive areas. This combination is useful for longer rides or for horses with special needs.

Alpaca fleece also brings these excellent properties, but moreover solves some problems that arise when using lambskin saddle pads or lambskin half pads: Since lambskin is quite high and a leather skin is always processed, an enormous amount of material comes between the horse's back and the (perfectly) fitted saddle. The result: the rider sits very far away from the horse's movement and, especially in dressage, can no longer give such fine weight aids but 'floats' much more on the horse's back. Alpaca fleece also provides shock absorption and pressure distribution, but is much less high and still allows the rider to give sensitive weight aids and sit close to the horse. In addition, alpaca wool (unlike sheep's wool) is suitable for allergy sufferers because it does not contain lanolin (wool grease).

Last but not least, alpaca fleece is more breathable than lambskin because the wool is woven into a fleece in the form of tight stitches and no leather hide has to be processed in the product.