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Article: Riding pad with spine freedom

Reitpad mit Wirbelsäulenfreiheit

Riding pad with spine freedom

Riding pad with spine freedom - an important component for the horses' well-being

Spinal freedom is a crucial factor when it comes to riding and the well-being of horses. In this blog post we will look at the importance of spinal freedom for horses and explain why riding pads made from natural materials should be chosen over versions made from synthetic materials. We will also highlight what makes saddle pads made of cotton and alpaca fleece so outstanding.

Spinal clearance refers to the space that should be between the horse's back and the riding pad or saddle. A sufficient distance ensures that the pressure is distributed evenly and that no harmful friction or pressure points occur. This is crucial to avoid injury and pain to the horse.

All saddle pads and saddle pads from L'Evoine have a particularly high degree of spine freedom and ensure an optimal fit even for horses with high withers. The saddle pads lie perfectly under the saddle even without having to be chambered again and do not slip during intensive training.

Riding pads made from natural materials offer the advantage of better adaptability to the horse's back . Natural materials such as wool, cotton and alpaca fleece have the ability to adapt to the contours of the back and therefore ensure an individual fit. In contrast, synthetic materials are often stiffer and less flexible, which can result in uneven pressure on the horse's back.

The most crucial advantage of riding pads made from natural materials is their breathability. Natural materials allow optimal air circulation and prevent the horse from sweating excessively or overheating. This is particularly important to avoid skin irritations and chafing and also the formation of sometimes painful, inflamed sebaceous glands. Synthetic materials can tend to trap heat and moisture, making them uncomfortable and causing skin irritation.

Saddle pads made of cotton and alpaca fleece have particularly horse-friendly properties. Cotton is a natural material that is soft and comfortable on the horse's skin. It offers good padding and cushioning to minimize pressure. Cotton also has excellent moisture absorption properties , so sweat is quickly wicked away and the horse stays dry.

Alpaca fleece is another natural material that is ideal for saddle pads. It offers an excellent combination of softness and elasticity to maximize the horse's comfort. Alpaca fleece is light and breathable, allowing good air circulation. It adapts to the contours of the horse's back and offers excellent pressure distribution .

In summary, spinal freedom is a crucial factor for horses' well-being .Riding pads made from natural materials offer better adaptability, breathability and comfort compared to synthetic materials. Saddle pads made of cotton and alpaca fleece are characterized by their soft texture, moisture absorption and pressure distribution. Investing in high-quality riding pads with spine freedom is a worthwhile decision to promote your horse's well-being and health.

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