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La Maison L'Evoine

The beginnings

I founded L'Evoine in 2020 at a time that was completely uncertain and unpredictable. What is best to rely on in times like this? The return to tried and tested materials, local production and at the same time acting in a forward-looking manner: Natural cotton molton as the padding for the saddle pads, pure natural fibers processed in high-quality wooden horse brushes and highly breathable alpaca wool are tried and tested materials, which are processed by hand with the highest design standards to create timeless classics.

L'Evoine is derived from the French term "Avoine" = oat. Oats are the most original, most efficient and most natural concentrated feed, which has been used by humans for horses for centuries. Sometimes it's the simplest things that stand the test and are completely sufficient.

What drives me?

In our consumption-oriented world and also that of equestrian sports, the balance between quality and quantity is becoming increasingly imbalanced. On the contrary, cheap products tempt people to exchange them instead of repairing them. Natural materials are being replaced by cheaper, synthetic alternatives such as polyester, always with the knowledge that pure organic cotton, linen or hemp are not available in sufficient quantities in our world to meet the current need for textiles. However, our approach at L'Evoine is not to switch to synthetic alternatives, but rather to create products from valuable natural resources, which are characterized by the highest quality and, above all, durability.

Why is L'Evoine in the upper price segment?

The answer lies in one word: respect. Respect for our environment and its finite resources, our animals who donate wonderful materials to us and respect for all those people who contribute to the value chain of our products. We know every single production step, every person working on it and know exactly how much detailed work and craftsmanship goes into the production of our Le Baquet bag, for example. Fair payment for each individual processing step means appreciation. And for us, appreciation is the key to sustainability.

Are sustainability and luxury compatible?

My passion for animals, nature and beautiful design are the things that drive me every day. For me, sustainability means taking the time to carefully select and test materials, finding and implementing sustainable production methods and developing timeless colors and shapes to create a unique and durable product. That's why L'Evoine works with local manufacturers who have an excellent command of their craft and have been known for many years for outstanding quality "Made in Germany". Luxury, on the other hand, is providing these products with a unique design language and giving them that certain something. The iconic leather bags are designed to be proudly passed on to future generations and to tell stories. Can anything ever be more sustainable?

Why L'Evoine?

All Maison L'Evoine products have a special added value in terms of function and design. The focus is on a selected and, above all, indispensable range, which concentrates on products that are needed in daily dealing with the horse and that are also used in everyday life. Tried and tested products such as the classic lambskin saddle pad or the lambskin half pad are being replaced by the animal-friendly, woven alpaca fleece. For its production the animals have to be sheared. Read our detailed article about alpaca wool in equestrian sport here. The timeless collection of custom-made belt protectors, alpaca grooming gloves, alpaca saddle pads and alpaca horse blankets is built around this wonderful material.

Welcome to the L'Evoine family!

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