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Putztasche Pferd

Cleaning bags & accessories

The icon - Le Baquet brings elegance and order to the stable and combines functionality with design. A timeless classic, handmade in Germany from untreated, high-quality italian leather. A lifelong companion! Each bag comes with several features, a shoulder stripe, a serial code and a 5-year guarantee. The La Baquette oat bag is the small alternative for everyday life.


Le BaquetLe Baquet Putztasche Grooming Bag grün Leder
Le Baquet Offer€695,00 EUR
La Baquette Bucket Bag von L'Evoine, Ledertasche aus RindslederLa Baquette - Sample Pieces
IslandpferdeIslandpferd tölt
Mesh Tec Cap Offer€40,00 EUR
Putztasche aus Hanf, nachhaltige Putztasche für Pferdebürsten in grünGrooming Bag, Putztasche aus Hanf und Baumwolle in grün
Son Menut care bag Offer€375,00 EUR

When caring for horses, a reliable and well-equipped grooming bag is essential. A good grooming bag not only keeps your grooming supplies organized and easily accessible, but also contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of your horse grooming routine. High-quality models made of durable leather have clear advantages over other materials.

The Le Baquet grooming bag offers enough storage space for all grooming supplies, including brushes, combs, hoof picks and sprays. Multiple compartments ensure that your horse care accessories are well organized, easily accessible and not damaged.
The stable construction of the cleaning bag with reinforced seams and robust materials can withstand frequent use and the weight of the care utensils.

Le Baquet guarantees longevity and resistance. The natural strength and durability of the leather ensures that the bag can withstand the rigors of equestrian sport, making it a worthwhile investment. Compared to bags made from fabric or synthetic materials, leather offers better protection for your grooming essentials. It protects the tools from external influences such as moisture or accidental impacts, thereby extending their service life.

The L'Evoine leather care bags exude timeless elegance and sophistication. They add a touch of class to your equestrian equipment while remaining functional.