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A journey through the factories of L'Evoine

Handcrafted in Germany

We take you on a journey across Germany to the three most important manufacturers: the weaving and sewing factory for the saddle pads and half pads, the leather factory for the exclusive care bags and La Baquette bags and finally to the brush factory for our entire care collection. Experience the craftsmanship behind each individual equestrian product and how many steps and details it takes to create a long-lasting product. We guarantee uncompromising quality - from the brush brush to the care bag to every single saddle pad.

Over 100 steps for the production of a Le Baquet cleaning bag.

Leather factory for cleaning bags

First, the high-quality, naturally treated Italian cowhide is punched out. There is a separate punching iron for each part. In the next step, the edges of the individual pieces of leather are sanded so that they taper on the sides. This process requires precision and a steady hand!

Herstellung von Putztasche für Pferde
Leder Pflegetasche für Pferdeputzzeug von L'Evoine
Herstellung von der Pflegetasche Le Baquet von L'Evoine

The outer walls of the bag are then sewn together - the lining, the double mesh bottom and extra reinforcement for the side walls are still missing so that the cleaning bag remains stable even when filled. For this purpose, insoles are first glued and later sewn. In everyday life in the riding stable, the finished grooming bag has to be extremely robust - every seam has to fit and withstand extreme weather, wetness and possibly even an unintentional kick from a horse.

L'Evoine Hinter den Kulissen der Manufaktur für Putztaschen für Pferde
Zusammennähen der Ledertasche von L'Evoine
Putztasche mit doppeltem Boden aus Leder von L'Evoine
Zuschnitt der Pflegetasche von L'Evoine
Seriencode der Lederpflegetasche von L'Evoine

After the outer walls of the care bag are completed, the detailed work begins. The double bottom made of robust mesh is sewn individually layer by layer and later fixed to the bottom of the bag. This is followed by the lower leather base, which is fastened with snap fasteners. These must be attached individually all around and fit together precisely to the millimeter. In the last step, all the parts are put together and the shoulder strap is made.

L'Evoine Pflegetasche wird vernietet
Vorbereitung für die Nieten: Löcher werden in das Leder gestanzt
Caroline Winkler
L'Evoine Einzelteile einer Pflegetasche
Schulterriemen für Ledertasche aus Baumwolle
Details Ledertaschen von L'Evoine

The creation of products that can be passed over to future generations. Can anything ever be more sustainable?