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Gurtschoner Lammfell

Belt protector

The solution for open chafing spots or inflamed sebaceous glands in the girth: the alpaca fleece girth protectors are particularly gentle on the skin and fur and are perfect for sensitive horses and allergy sufferers. The L'Evoine alpaca fleece belt protectors are individually made to measure in Germany. They are available in a short and long version or completely made-to-measure.


Sattelgurt für empfindliche Pferdemattes lammfellgurt
Belt protector alpaca fleece Offerab €90,00 EUR
Alpaka Wollwaschmittel
Alpaca wool detergent Offer€29,00 EUR

When choosing girth protectors for horse saddle girths, a few points should be taken into account:

An additional belt protector made of alpaca fleece can help sore spots in the belt layer heal, as alpaca fibers have natural antibacterial properties and provide a soft and breathable surface. The fleece can help relieve pressure points and improve contact between the horse's skin and the girth. It promotes air circulation and helps wick away moisture to create a comfortable and healthy environment for the skin.

By using a girth protector made of alpaca fleece, irritations and wounds in the horse's girth can heal more quickly and possible further friction and pressure points can be minimized. It is important to clean the belt protector regularly to maintain optimal hygiene and avoid possible bacteria buildup.

In addition to a large selection of saddle girths, cord girths are our preferred choice due to their special properties. Made from woven cords, they conform well to the horse's body shape, providing even pressure distribution and reducing friction and chafing.