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Jumping & Eventing

Shock absorption, pressure distribution and skin-friendliness combined in one saddle pad! The soft alpaca fleece on the underside ensures excellent climate-regulating properties and is available as both a saddle pad and a saddle pad.


Alpakavlies Schabracke als Alternative zur Mattes Lammfell schabracke blauAlpakavlies Unterseite der Schabracke als Alternative zur mattes schabracke
Sattelpad kaufenLammfellpad kaufen
Saddle pad alpaca fleece Offer€199,00 EUR
Baumwoll Schabracke Springen Orange logoSchabracke Baumwolle Springen blau
Jumping cotton saddle pad Offer€180,00 EUR
Korrektur SattelpadSattelpad mit Korrekturfunktion
Alpaca fleece correction pad Offer€295,00 EUR
Korrekturpad SattelKorrekturpad Sattel

When looking for the perfect jumping saddle pad, many factors are important: Especially when jumping, optimal pressure distribution and shock absorption should be taken into account. The combination with a saddle pad is ideal here. However, a saddle that is perfectly adapted to the horse should not be too far away from the horse's back and should still allow the rider to communicate finely with weight aids.

The alpaca fleece saddle pad is the perfect choice if there is little material between the horse's back and the saddle, but you are still looking for a saddle pad that is as shock-absorbing and skin-friendly as possible. Unlike a lambskin saddle pad, alpaca fleece hardly adds any height and allows the rider to sit close to the horse's movement.