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L'Evoine Abschwitzdecke Terry Blanket

Cotton Sweat Rugs

Multifunctionality is the most important feature of the iconic Terry Blankets from L'Evoine. The soft and extra absorbent cotton terry makes it a perfect warm-up blanket and ensures that sweat is effectively absorbed after an intense training session.


Abschwitzdecke schwarzAbschwitzdecke
Terry Blanket - NEW Offer€140,00 EUR
Abschwitzdecke aus Baumwolle Abschwitzdecke Pferd
Terry Blanket Offer€140,00 EUR
Alpaca plaidAlpaka Plaid Wolle grün
Alpaca plaid Offer€250,00 EUR

A good sweat rug allows an effective air circulation and moisture wicking so the horse can dry quickly after exercise or in warm weather. Breathable materials such as pure cotton promote moisture management of the horse.

The sweat rug should be able to efficiently absorb sweat and wick it away from the horse's skin. This keeps the horse dry and prevents undercooling. A perfect sweat rug dries quickly, so the horse does not have to spend a long time with a damp blanket after sweating.

High quality materials and solid workmanship ensure a long life of the sweat blanket. It should withstand the stresses and strains of a horse's life and be durable. A practical sweat rug is easy to clean and maintain. Machine washability and quick drying are advantageous to keep the blanket always clean and ready for use.