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Dressage saddle pads must be breathable and should not slip even during intensive training. Sufficient freedom of movement at the withers and therefore freedom of movement is also crucial. In addition, the saddle pad should be shock-absorbing and pressure-distributing and still allow for fine weight aids.


Sattelpad kaufenLammfellpad kaufen
Saddle pad alpaca fleece Offer€199,00 EUR
mattes lammfell schabrackeAlpakavlies Schabracke als Alternative zur mattes schabracke
Sold outDressage saddle pad Limited EditionDressage saddle pad Limited Edition
Baumwoll Schabracke grau DressurBaumwoll Schabracke weiß turnier
Saddle pad cotton dressage Offer€180,00 EUR
Korrektur SchabrackeKorrektur Schabracke Dressur
Korrektur SattelpadSattelpad mit Korrekturfunktion
Alpaca fleece correction pad Offer€295,00 EUR
Korrekturpad SattelKorrekturpad Sattel
Alpaka Wollwaschmittel
Alpaca wool detergent Offer€29,00 EUR
Limited Edition I
Limited Edition I Offer€195,00 EUR
Limited Edition II
Limited Edition II Offer€195,00 EUR
Limited Edition IV
Limited Edition IV Offer€180,00 EUR
Limited Edition III
Limited Edition III Offer€180,00 EUR
Limited Designer Edition Polo ILimited Designer Edition Polo I

Why is the L'Evoine saddle pad the perfect choice for your horse?

Every saddle pad and every saddle pad is carefully made from pure natural materials in our factory in Germany. A particularly high degree of freedom at the withers allows for an anatomical fit, so that the saddle pad does not slip even during intensive training.

If a saddle pad with alpaca fleece is used as additional shock absorption under the cotton saddle pad, it fits perfectly to the back line of the saddle pad and distributes the pressure evenly without making the rider sit far away from the horse's movement. The rider can continue to work with fine weight aids.

By using pure cotton and especially cotton fleece as filling in all saddle pads, the products are extremely breathable, so that heat build-up is prevented and sensitive skin is also protected. Hair breakage and blocked sebaceous glands in the horse are prevented.