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Original Missoni Fabrics

limited edition

The iconic L'Evoine cotton saddle pad is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and is elaborately handcrafted in Germany.

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L'Evoine Abschwitzdecke
Abschwitzdecke Pferd

Pure cotton

Iconic sweat rug

The Terry Blanket from L'Evoine is a must-have in everyday stable life: it is the perfect companion for warm-up and dry riding, as the cotton terry cloth effectively absorbs sweat.

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Hermes Schabracke

Le Baquet stable bag

the icon

The icon!

Le Baquet stable bag

It takes more than 100 steps to produce a Le Baquet care bag. It has a double bottom made of mesh so that dust and grains of sand can be easily shaken out of the horse brushes. It comes with a 10 year guarantee.