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The heart of daily horse care - the brush. This robust horse brush from L'Evoine consists of 100% solid horsehair and combines excellent cleaning results with a beneficial massage. Dirt is effectively picked up and even the last speck of dust is removed.

At the same time, the fur gets a natural shine, since the use of natural materials supports the replenishing effect. In addition, the absence of synthetic fibers prevents electrostatic charging. In addition, the walnut wood of the brush has an antibacterial effect and is comfortable to hold even in cooler temperatures.

Since dark walnut wood is particularly insensitive to moisture and does not crack, the brush can be cleaned with a mild baby shampoo. All horse brushes are 100% made by hand in Germany.

The brush is also available in the complete horse brush set from L'Evoine and can be individually engraved free of charge.

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    L'Evoine Pferdebürste aus Nussbaumholz, Kardätsche, Fritz und Frodewin, Leistner Wunderbürste, Pferdebürste Holz, Pferdebürsten Set, Putzzeug Seit, Putzbox Holz, Putztasche mit Inhalt, Kardätsche Pferd, Rosshaarbürste
    brush Offer€80,00 EUR