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Shine brush

Offer€80,00 EUR

The wonderfully soft horse brush made of pure 2.5cm long goat hair comes in the highest, long-lasting quality 100% Made in Germany . It is the perfect choice for the final finish and gives the coat a beautiful shine , without the use of shine sprays. The shine brush leaves no speck of dust behind and is even superior to conventional lambskin gloves.

By processing 100% natural materials, no electrostatic charge is generated. The high-quality walnut wood is harder and more robust than light types of wood and therefore significantly more durable. The L'Evoine goat hair brush can be washed with mild baby shampoo as walnut wood is less sensitive to water. This high-quality horse brush will last for many years.

Wood is naturally antibacterial and feels comfortable to hold, even in cold winter temperatures. The softly lined and padded leather strap ensures additional comfort. It goes perfectly with the L'Evoine cleaning bag collection .

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Shine brush Offer€80,00 EUR