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mane brush

Offer€60,00 EUR

The hedgehog-shaped mane brush impresses with its elegant design and fits perfectly in the hand thanks to the padded leather strap. The metal pins are deliberately made without metal heads so that they slide particularly gently through the horse's long hair and do not get caught in knots. The soft cushion ensures flexibility of the metal pins and supports the maintenance of the mane and tail.

The use of natural materials prevents electrostatic charging. At the same time, the wood of the brush has an antibacterial effect and is comfortable to hold even in cooler temperatures. The brush is just like the entire brush selection from L'Evoine 100% handmade in Germany.

The hedgehog brush is also available in the entire horse brush set from L'Evoine and can be individually engraved in the set free of charge.

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    L'Evoine Mähnenbürste aus Holz, Igelbürste, Fritz und Frodewin, Leistner Wunderbürste, Mähnenpflege, Pferdebürsten Set, Putzzeug Set, Pferdebürste aus Holz, Putzbox Holz, Putzkiste Holz
    mane brush Offer€60,00 EUR