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Correction pad saddle

If the horse changes regularly and a correction to the saddle could be out of date a week or two later, a correction pad makes sense. Changes in the muscles can be compensated for and adjusted and pressure points can be avoided.

# Breathability

The alpaca fleece correction pad is extremely breathable and skin-friendly as it is made of pure natural materials such as cotton, cotton fleece on the inside and alpaca fleece on the underside.

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# Shock absorption

The high-quality combination of pressure-distributing alpaca fleece on the underside and wool felt correction insoles enables optimal shock absorption, perfectly tailored to individual needs.

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Korrekturpad Sattel

# pure wool felt

Wool felt is particularly suitable for preventing pressure points and provides effective cushioning. Wool felt also absorbs moisture effectively and ensures optimal climate regulation.

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Care & Cleaning

Use wool felt inserts correctly

Do you have any questions about the product or are you a saddler and would you like to add the pads to your range?