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Article: When does my horse need a fly sheet?

Wann braucht mein Pferd eine Fliegendecke?

When does my horse need a fly sheet?

Fly sheets are an indispensable accessory to protect horses from annoying insects. Especially in the warmer months, when mosquitoes, flies and horseflies are more common, a fly sheet can significantly improve the horse's well-being, both when out grazing and when riding or on the riding arena.

Advantages of fly sheets

  1. Protection from insects: Fly sheets prevent insects from stinging or biting the horse, which reduces restlessness and stress.
  2. Prevention of skin irritation: By protecting against bites, the horse's skin is less irritated, which prevents skin diseases.
  3. Less stress: Horses are more relaxed and calm when protected from insects, which promotes their overall well-being.

Negative consequences without fly sheet

  • Stress and restlessness: Without protection, insects can bother the horse, leading to stress and nervousness.
  • Skin problems: Stings and bites can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions.
  • Reduced performance: A stressed horse has less energy and is less efficient.

Why are pure cotton fly sheets the perfect choice?

  1. Breathability: Cotton allows the skin to breathe, which prevents overheating and increases comfort.
  2. Skin-friendliness: Pure cotton is gentle on the skin and reduces the risk of irritation.
  3. Natural materials: Cotton is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The blanket hugs the horse softly and sits perfectly on the back line.
  4. Improved fly protection: Fly spray that is sprayed onto the fly sheet (and the horse) is effectively absorbed by the cotton. This ensures a long-lasting repellent effect.

A fly sheet made of pure cotton offers optimal protection against insects, while at the same time supporting the health and well-being of the horse. L'Evoine offers three different models, both for the pasture with removable straps and two versions for riding out. -> to the collection

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