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Article: Icelandic horse in tölt

Isländer tölt

Icelandic horse in tölt


Icelandic horses are known for their unique gait called tölt. In this blog post we will look at various aspects of tölt and answer some questions.

Riding tölt - the right posture

The posture that an Icelandic horse should adopt in tölt is crucial for the correct execution of this gait. The horse should be in an upright and balanced position, with the neck nicely curved. The back should be slightly raised to give the rider a stable and comfortable sitting position.

The term " loose rein tölt " refers to the horse's ability to maintain tölt while the rider keeps the reins relaxed. This shows the horse's natural balance and coordination. A horse running in this type of tölt shows a good connection between rider and horse and a high level of trust.

A " back-stable " tölt is of great importance as it enables the rider to have a comfortable and safe ride. A back-stable tölt means that the horse uses its back well during the tölt, making a smooth and stable movement. This reduces the risk of back problems in the horse and allows the rider better control of the horse.

Carrying capacity in tölt

To improve carrying capacity in tölt, there are some tips that should be taken into account. First of all, it is important to train the horse well and to create a solid basis in basic training. Correct posture and balance are crucial to supporting the rider's weight during tölt.

In addition, the rider should make sure to distribute his weight evenly and not lean too heavily on the stirrups. Good posture and a stable seat are crucial to helping the horse carry its weight properly.

Another tip is to exercise the horse regularly and carry out targeted exercises that strengthen the muscles and improve its carrying capacity . This can be achieved, for example, by walking sideways or riding volts and serpentine lines.

Overall, it is important to understand the horse's needs and respect his abilities. With correct training, good posture and regular training, an Icelandic horse in tölt can improve its carrying capacity and show a harmonious and pleasant gait. The right equipment and, above all, shock-absorbing and pressure-distributing saddle pads can help to promote the Icelandic horse's relaxation in the back and support the horse's gymnastics. You can find a selection of high-quality alpaca fleece saddle pads for Icelandic horses here .

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