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Article: When do horses need a sweat blanket?

Wann brauchen Pferde eine Abschwitzdecke?

When do horses need a sweat blanket?

Sweat rugs are an essential item in horse equipment, used to keep the horse warm and dry after training or during the drying process. In this blog post we will answer the most important questions about sweat blankets and explain why L'Evoine only offers cotton terry as a quality for sweat blankets.

When do horses need sweat blankets? And above all: At what temperatures do you need a sweat blanket?

Horses need sweat blankets if they have sweated heavily after training or riding and need to dry quickly. Sweat rugs help absorb sweat from the horse's body and wick it away while providing warmth and comfort. The exact temperature at which a sweat rug is needed varies depending on the horse and individual conditions. As a rule of thumb, however, sweat blankets are generally used at temperatures below 15°C.

How do you determine the size of a sweat blanket?

In order to determine the correct size of a sweat rug, it is important to measure the length of the horse's back. To do this, measure from the withers to the base of the tail. Most manufacturers offer size tables that can be used to determine the appropriate blanket size according to the length of the back. It is advisable to try on the blanket before purchasing to ensure that it fits well and allows sufficient freedom of movement. The Terry Blanket from L'Evoine comes in a standard size of 175cm back length and fits loosely over a full-size pony up to a warmblood.

When do you need a sweat blanket with a neck section?

A sweat rug with a neck section is recommended when the weather is particularly cool or the horse gets cold easily. The neck section provides additional protection and warmth for the horse's neck area. It is particularly useful if the horse is clipped or has thinner coats. The decision for a sweat rug with or without a neck part depends on the individual needs of the horse and the weather conditions.

How long does the sweat rug stay on the horse?

A sweat rug should remain on the horse until it is completely dry. The time it takes the horse to dry can vary depending on the intensity of sweating, temperature and humidity. It is important to check the horse regularly and remove the blanket once it is dry and the body temperature has normalized.

How often does a sweat blanket need to be cleaned?

Sweat blankets should be cleaned regularly to remove dirt, sweat and bacteria. The frequency of cleaning depends on use and contamination. As a rule, it is sufficient to clean the blanket after a few uses or when it is visibly dirty. For horses with very sensitive skin or a tendency to inflamed sebaceous glands, the blanket should be cleaned more frequently. The Terry Blanket from L'Evoine can even be washed at 60 degrees so that all bacteria really die off.

Why is the Terry Blanket from L'Evoine the perfect sweat blanket?

The Terry Blanket from L'Evoine has outstanding features that make it the perfect sweat blanket. The material chosen (100% pure cotton terry) is extremely high quality and breathable, allowing effective moisture wicking and keeping the horse dry during the drying process. The Terry Blanket also offers an optimal fit and freedom of movement so that the horse can move unhindered. The sweat blanket can be attached with a blanket strap when the horse is placed in the box to sweat off. In addition, it is durable and long-lasting, ensuring long-term use. The attractive design and high quality make the Terry Blanket from L'Evoine the ideal choice for riders looking for a first-class sweat blanket .

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