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Article: Saddle blankets for Icelandic horses

Satteldecken Isländer

Saddle blankets for Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses are a unique horse breed with special needs when it comes to the right saddle and saddle pad for Icelandic horses or a saddle pad for Icelandic horses.

The physique of the Icelandic horse is characterized by its short back, strong muscles and a robust bone structure. These characteristics make them strong and durable horses, capable of working in difficult terrain. In order to maintain your full performance, it is important that the saddle and saddle pad are precisely tailored to your needs.

A good saddle pad for Icelandic horses should meet various requirements. First of all, it should not slip to ensure stable riding. The L'Evoine base meets this requirement thanks to its ergonomic shape and spine freedom, which does not require re-chambering.

In addition, it is important that the rider can feel the swinging movements of the horse's back in order to enable fine communication of the weight aids. The lined saddle pads from L'Evoine offer exactly that, as they are made of breathable natural materials and adapt perfectly to the horse's back.

An optimal saddle pad for Icelanders should not only offer sensitive weight aids but also optimized pressure distribution without being bulky. L'Evoine's alpaca fleece saddle blankets and pads provide excellent shock absorption to reduce the strain on the horse's back. Shocks are absorbed, weight is evenly distributed and the horse's back is optimally supported even under high loads.

In addition to these important properties, a good saddle pad should also be breathable and absorb sweat. The high-quality natural materials from L'Evoine guarantee perfect air circulation between the saddle and the horse's back. All L'Evoine saddle pads are lined with pure cotton fleece and have undyed cotton molleton on the underside, which is particularly absorbent. In addition, the saddle pads and saddle blankets are available with a shock-absorbing and particularly breathable alpaca fleece layer.

In summary, the saddle pads from L'Evoine, such as the alpaca fleece pad combined with a saddle blanket made of pure cotton or a single saddle blanket lined with alpaca fleece (2:1 version) , offer everything Icelanders need for comfortable and supportive riding. They meet the needs of this special breed of horse and enable precise communication between rider and horse without slipping or adding height.

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