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Journal de L'Evoine

Reitpad mit Wirbelsäulenfreiheit

Riding pad with spine freedom

Riding pad with spine freedom - an important component for the horses' well-being Spinal freedom is a crucial factor when it comes to riding and the well-being of horses. In th...

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alpaka vlies satteldecke

Icelandic horse accessories

Icelandic horse accessories - quality and nature for your horse Icelandic horses are majestic and robust animals that deserve special care. That's why it's important to choose the right access...

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Satteldecken Isländer
alpaka vlies satteldecke

Saddle blankets for Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses are a unique horse breed with special needs when it comes to the right saddle and saddle pad for Icelandic horses or a saddle pad for Icelandic horses. The physique of the Icel...

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Make a difference

Sustainability in equestrian sports with natural equipment for horses

As a horse lover, it is important to pay attention to sustainability in our equestrian activities. By choosing environmentally friendly equestrian accessories such as: B. saddle pads made of pure cotton, natural brushes made of horsehair, goat hair and natural fibers as well as sweat blankets made of cotton terry, we can ensure the well-being of our horses and the preservation of our planet.

Improved comfort and environmental awareness
Saddle pads play a crucial role in ensuring the comfort of both horse and rider. If you choose saddle pads made of pure cotton, you not only value the well-being of your horse, but also contribute to sustainability. These eco-friendly saddle pads are made without harmful synthetic materials, reducing the environmental impact of production. They offer excellent breathability, moisture absorption and temperature regulation, ensuring a comfortable riding experience for your horse while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Natural care brushes: gentle and sustainable care
Caring for the horse is an essential aspect of horse care and promotes a strong bond between rider and horse. Opting for brushes made of horsehair, goat hair and fibers offers numerous advantages. These brushes are not only gentle on your horse's skin and coat, but also environmentally friendly. Horsehair and goat hair brushes are natural, renewable resources that have minimal impact on the environment. In addition, brushes made from plant fibers offer a sustainable alternative to synthetic bristles. Use these natural brushes to improve your horse's well-being while promoting sustainability.

Sweat blankets: comfortable and environmentally friendly protection
After intensive training sessions or in the cold season, sweat rugs are essential to keep your horse warm and dry. When you choose cotton terry sweat blankets, you ensure both comfort and sustainability. Cotton is a natural, biodegradable material that has less impact on the environment compared to synthetic alternatives. These blankets have excellent moisture-wicking properties, absorbing sweat while being breathable. If you choose sweat rugs made of cotton terry, you not only value the comfort of your horse, but also promote sustainability in equestrian sports.